It’s not often you get invited to a wedding in January, so when Jo and Sean asked me to photograph their wedding in the middle of the winter up in Redhill (Surrey) I didn’t hesitate to jump on board. Jo and Sean are unique, to say the least. They’re a great fun, young couple with their own style, vintage, rock and roll a whole lot of mischief and belly laughs thrown in for good measure. And any wedding where the bride and groom are so relaxed and fun about the whole event is bound to be a great day, with plenty of great wedding photo opportunities for me.

confetti photo with bride and groom

Much laughter and fun was had at Jo and Sean’s wedding

When the day came, the wedding was a riot of colours, Jo was wearing her grandmother’s vintage wedding dress, blue shoes and a beautiful colourful bouquet full of red, blue and yellow.

Shoes and wedding bouquet

Jo’s shoes and Bouquet were enough to take your breath away without having to see the dress!

The wedding was a traditional CofE wedding but for the rest of the day we were all transported to Southern Louisiana, with Gumbo (a traditional Louisiana meal) served up for the reception meal, with lobsters and crabs hanging over our heads, decorated potting barrels and a generally great southern American feel as we ate what can only be described as a fantastic spread.


Gumbo, served buffet style was one of the highlights of the day

Although Sean and Jo weren’t up for many photos of just the two of them (they keen to spend time with their friends and loved ones) we still managed to get out around the church and capture a few beautiful photos of just the two of them.

Jo and Sean in doorway

We got outside for a few informal photos of the happy couple.

All in all I think for the first wedding I’m photographing this year…it’s going to be a tough one to beat.

Congratulations to Jo and Sean on putting on an absolutely fantastic day.