I know it’s a little early for new year’s resolutions, but I’ve never really been one for resolutions…challenges on the other hand, I’m always up for one of those! So when a friend of mine said he had almost completed a ‘365 days in photos’ challenge I was challenged! Having seen my friend’s talent stretched and grow over the course of this past year in photos I wanted to challenge myself to try out some new things, and stretch myself as much as possible to learn more about my trade, but also just to explore areas of photography I’ve never experienced. So all in all, this is a challenge which is meant to be fun!

So my challenge is:

Over the coming 52 weeks (Until the 1st of December 2013) I must take at least one photograph a week, work related photos are not included unless they meet the below requirements.

The photographs must be:

  • A form of photography that I don’t normally take.
  • Or a normal (for me) photograph which has been edited in a way I don’t normally edit.
  • I want to use as little Photoshop editing as possible in my photographs, unless the main purpose of the image is for it to be edited, in which case Photoshop will be used extensively!
  • The style of the photo must be as original and creative as possible, ie: no point and click snaps
  • I must explain and record the process of creating the photo, although not necessarily at the point of publishing the image.
  • The photos must stretch me, my style, my technique and how I look at photography.

I hope you will join me in this challenge, if you like you can post some of your images, either based on ones I’ve taken or on your own challenge on my facebook page.